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IT-Clips: Keep your bicycle inner tubes out of the landfill by turning them into tie downs or bungee cords


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One liner:
Millions of bicycle inner tubes end up in the landfill every year in the USA alone, It-clips help you keep your tubes out of the landfill by turning your inner tubes into tie downs or bungee cords. Less waste, makes cycling even more sustainable, creating a better world where our children will want to live.


At It-clips we you know you are the kind of people who want to make the world a better place.  In order to do this we have to decrease our waste, open our minds and be creative to find new ways to use what we once thought was trash.  The problem is millions of bicycle inner tubes end up in the landfill every year, making biking, a green activity a little more destructive than it has to be, making us feel that we can do better.  We understand that you want to create less waste.  That is why we created IT-Clips, so together we can create a better, more sustainable world.  




How We Got Here

Since our first day in business, IT-Clips has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget. Check it out and start shopping today!



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